December 28, 2017

Doctor Screen Kamloops

KamloopsDoctor Screen Kamloops provides on-site service for window screen repairs, sliding door screen repairs, screen door repairs, solar screen repairs, patio shade repairs and many other types of screen repairs.

On-Site, Professional, Mobile Screen Service

Doctor Screen is proud to offer a wide range of window screens and screen doors products in the Kamloops area. We provide replacement and repair services, framing and screening services, as well as specialized screening services. Our convenient mobile screen trailer comes right to your front door. Your local distributor will measure, manufacture and install your screens at right at your location.

Why Choose Us?

Doctor Screen is committed to providing you with the highest quality and the finest customer service. Our mobile services allow us to customize even the hardest-to-fit screens out there. We guarantee a convenient, fast, professional and quality ensured service for all our customers.

We Make house calls!

We want to help you improve your home or investment property easily, conveniently, and affordably. When it comes to the repair and installation of all your screen doors and windows, Doctor Screen is your number one source!

When it comes to screens, we are the experts. No matter what the issue is, Doctor Screen has a solution for you!

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Brent Ezzard
Kamloops – British Columbia
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