November 7, 2016

Your Buying Guide For Screen and Storm Doors

The functions of screen and storm doors are obvious: screen doors block the entrance of bugs while allowing fresh outdoor air in, and storm doors block frigid drafts in cold winter months, which helps to reduce energy loss. Storm doors also have the added task of protecting the main exterior door from wear and tear due to severe weather conditions, offer a level of security, and allow homeowners to manage ventilation and light.

Here are some considerations you should make before buying a storm and screen door for your home.

The majority of storm and screen doors come in standard sizes: 30”, 32”, 34”, and 36”. They can be hinged on both sides, depending on your home’s configuration, and also come in double-door units. However, any openings that are outside of these standard sizes and configurations will have to be custom-fit by a professional in screen and storm doors.

Combination Storm and Screen Doors
There are many storm doors that include a screen element to offer homeowners the best of both worlds. These doors are often made of vinyl and metal, and are sometimes made of wood. Screens doors can be replaced with storm doors in the winter. Some storm doors also feature removable parts that can be swapped with the change of season.

Storm and screen doors are connected to their frames with hinges, and feature hydraulic closers that allow the doors to close smoothly without slamming or being pushed open without a lot of force.

Not only are combination storm and screen doors highly functional and practical, they also add to the curb appeal of a home. Today’s doors are highly esthetic. With all the different finishes and colors to choose from, homeowners have the freedom to customize their doors to blend in nicely with the overall exterior of their homes.

The overall construction of storm and screen doors has evolved, with the minimized appearance of screws, more sophisticated materials, and more options in hardware. Even deadbolt locks can be added to provide heightened security to the home.

Many storm doors are produced with a solid-wood core clad that has a permanently bonded layer of aluminum. The wood is what provides the level of sturdiness to the door and its frame, while the aluminum surface is easy to maintain.

There are also vinyl-clad doors available, which tend to be less expensive. While vinyl is certainly a more cost-efficient option and easily maintained, it is not as durable as aluminum and doesn’t come with the same extended warranty.

For security, going with a sturdier option is best. Heavy-gauge aluminum bars that are designed to withstand a lot of pressure are ideal if security and safety are the top priority.

Storm and Screen Doors From Doctor Screen
If a combination of quality, durability, security, functionality, and curb appeal is what you’re looking for, Doctor Screen can deliver. We use the highest quality materials in the industry, and use innovative methods to customize and fit your doors like a glove. With a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, you can have a fully customized door that with blends in nicely with your exterior and even boost its appeal.

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