April 20, 2018

Year-Round Benefits or a Screened in Porch

Screen porches have been around for a long time. They are easy to install and provide an effective way of protecting your home from unwanted bugs and debris. They simply extend a part of the house to cover your existing back porch.

These porches transform the outdoor space into something that can be used all year-round.

The Benefits of Screened Porches

Insect Protection

Insects are one of the biggest nuisance when it comes to enjoying the summer weather. A screened porch is the perfect defense against insects invading your porch. The screens are an effective way to keep these unwanted pests from entering your porch.

Dirt and debris Protection

Leaves and other debris carried by the wind can easily enter your porch if it is exposed. It’s always a hassle to clean this dirt and debris from your porch. A screened porch offers you protection from debris so you don’t have to clean as often.

Natural Ventilation

Not only does a screen window protect your porch, but it also allows a natural breeze inside. You can enjoy the breeze while still getting the protection from the sun.

Sunlight and Heat Reduction

If you choose the right material, your porch screens can also offer protection against the suns rays. This can be very beneficial if your porch or patio get a lot of sunlight. This can make your backyard more comfortable in the hot months and usable in the cooler months.

Additional Space

With an enclosed porch attached to your home, you can instantly increase the space you have available. You can use the porch for entertaining during the summer.

A well-designed enclosed porch can be a valuable addition to your house. It provides many benefits and adds curb appeal when you’re ready to sell. Contact Doctor Screen today to get your porch ready for summer enjoyment.