August 4, 2016

Window and Door Screens That Work For Condos


For many property managers and investors, running a condo can be a highly profitable and lucrative endeavour. However, it also involves a lot of work. It’s important to be able to provide a safe and comfortable living space for tenants and condo owners. While there are many facets to doing this, one particularly important component of maintaining a condo unit is ensuring that the windows are equipped with high-quality screens.

By having screens installed, occupants of the condo units will be able to enjoy a much more comfortable living environment. They’ll be able to let fresh outdoor air in without allowing bugs and insects make their way inside.

However, just like many other components, installing screens in window openings is a situation that needs to be approved by the property management company and the board of directors. Any work that is done must fall within the rules and regulations of the condo association.

Luckily, the screens that Doctor Screen installs typically meet the standards that the majority of condos require. An increasing number of property managers and condo investors are pleased to find out that our screens – including many of our retractable versions – can help in all sorts of ways, including:

Complementing the condo building – Condo associations will usually not approve of anything that will change the look and uniformity of the building. At Doctor Screen, we construct screens that complement condo buildings, rather than compromise it. Our colour matching and integrated look make our screens the perfect choice for condo units and the buildings they’re in.

Adding living space to condo living – Condo units seem to be decreasing in size with every new development. Adding a screen door can effectively increase valuable living space onto a terrace or balcony in otherwise small units by providing you with comfortable use of the outdoor space.

Increasing comfort – Screens can help improve the air flow within a unit, and effectively help to reduce the costs needed to cool the interior through the use of an air conditioner. In addition, screens help to reduce incoming UV rays that would otherwise damage your furniture .

Offering flexibility – The professional screen installers at Doctor Screen have all sorts of ways to install screens. Whether the unit features an out-swinging door, many sets of sliding patio doors, or retractable screen doors, our dealers can conform all products to provide you with the custom installation you need.

For more information about the window and door screen products at Doctor Screen, be sure to get in touch with us today!