January 29, 2021

Why Screen Doors and Windows are Ideal for the Winter

When it comes to health and safety, most people don’t mess around. So, why do people jeopardize both by removing their screens every winter or keeping old, ripped screens? Screen doors and windows keep you healthy all year round! So, why are screens ideal for winter? Keep reading to find out!

More Ventilation

This winter, The Department of Health has encouraged everyone to keep their windows open for at least 15 to 20 minutes a few times throughout the day to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Stale and recycled air pollutes our homes far more during the wintertime. Opening windows allows for healthy ventilation inside your home, keeping pollutants and other bacteria out. With screens that are new and repaired, you can leave your windows and doors open for as long as you’d like without worrying about debris entering your home, equalling more ventilation and a lower chance of contracting the virus.

Better Security

During the colder months, people usually remove their screen windows and doors to preserve them (we don’t recommend this as we need ventilation all year round) but removing screens during the winter allows for easier access to your home. Most screen doors come with added locks for security. We know what you’re thinking, “who would try and break in when it’s cold and miserable out?” But it’s always better safe than sorry! Intruders are more likely to try to break in during the colder months because they know people’s guards and screen doors are down. Safety should take priority all year round!

Added Value to Your Property

Trying to sell your home in the winter? We’re no real estate experts but selling your home in the winter gives you a leg-up as the competition is minimal. An even better way to knock any competition out of the park is to invest in customized screens! Most people remove their screens for winter, so it’s most likely that other sellers won’t have any screens to show prospective buyers. Having screens with stunning frames on your doors and windows automatically adds value to your home, making buyers more interested.

Convenient and Easy Installation

Installing screens is easy when you have Doctor Screen on your side! Doctor Screen can quickly fit and install them into any door or window. Most people think screen installation must take too much time and they don’t want to have a draft in their home for hours, but that’s not the case when dealing with screen door experts like us! We’ll install your screens in no time at all, keeping your home warm and dry. Convenient and easy screen doors and windows for extra ventilation this winter sounds like an ultimate win to us!

Call the Doctors Today!

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Doctor Screen will come to your home or business to provide you with mobile screen installation and repair through our customized screening trailers. With our mobile service, we can customize hard to fit screens on-site. All of your screens are guaranteed to be secured nicely!