September 30, 2021

Why Homeowners Should Invest in New Screens or Repairs this Fall


Screens are a necessity when owning a home, but especially around fall. There’s no better feeling than turning off the AC and opening the window for fresh, cool air to sweep through your home.

However, if your screens are old or broken, not only will the air not be as fresh or filtered, but insects and debris may come inside and ruin the experience. If this is the case for your screens, then screen repairs or brand-new screens are your solutions!

Check out these five reasons to invest in new screens or repairs this fall.

Adds to House Value

Screens are usually on all your doors and windows, meaning they are part of your home’s curb appeal as everyone can see them from outside.

If you have broken or dented screens, they don’t make your beautiful home look as gorgeous as it really is! Fresh-looking screen doors & windows increase your property’s value.

So, if you’re trying to sell your home, impress your neighbours, or even want to come home to a well-put-together place, then investing in repairs or brand-new screens should be your top priority!

Ideal Ventilation 

Like we mentioned above, fall is all about opening your windows and letting that fresh fall air in! But you still want some quality filtration. You don’t need debris, insects, dust, or dirt entering your home – you’ll want quality, filtered air!

Screens are like filters – they need to be changed for maximum filtration. You need to invest in new screens at least every decade and more often to get the most out of them.

Plus, all the dust that gets caught in old screens will constantly enter your home, meaning you’re breathing it in all season long. Fall is the perfect time to change your screens. Check out why by clicking here! 

Energy Efficiency 

Keeping your windows open in the fall not only helps with ventilating your space, but it saves energy! During fall, you don’t need AC or heat. All you need are your windows open with screen doors filtering out any debris.

If you have damaged or missing screens, it probably stops you from opening your windows, which is problematic on its own. Just think of all the money you can save during fall with a quick repair.

Quality Screens for Winter

The best part about investing in new screens or repairs now is that you’ll have them ready for winter! Opening your windows during the winter months is crucial at this time to prevent getting sick, so we highly recommend keeping your screens on, intact, and ready to be used during the colder months!

It’s best to fix them now before it’s too cold to get any repairs or installations done. Plus, once spring rolls around, you’ll be all set!

Quick Replacements & Repairs with Doctor Screen

Doctor Screen comes straight to your door to provide mobile screen repair. This is done through our customized screening trailers. We will measure, manufacture, and install your screens quickly and precisely at your location, saving you time as most screens can be made or repaired in one trip.

Doctor Screen’s Smoke Detector Inspection & Replacement Services

Fall is also the best time to check your smoke detector batteries! Doctor Screen now includes a free inspection of all smoke detectors anytime we come to your property to fix or replace a screen! Just show the above image to take advantage of this offer.

Call the Doctors Today!

Call the Doctors today to get your screens replaced today. You’ll have brand new screens in no time with our quick and efficient installation services!

Doctor Screen provides you with mobile screen installation and repairs through our customized screening trailers. With our mobile service, we can customize hard-to-fit screens on-site. All your screens are guaranteed to be secured nicely. Don’t hesitate, call today!