May 1, 2016

Tips to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home

curb appeal

Whether you’re trying to sell your property for top dollar, or are just looking to revamp the look and appeal of your home, curb appeal speaks volumes. There are plenty of things that can make the exterior of your home and its front yard look worn out, but there are also plenty of easy and quick fixes to make a good impression on buyers and guests.

Here are the top tips for improving your home’s curb appeal.

Spruce Up Your Front Door

If you’ve got a front entrance that’s filled with piled up leaves, tons of shoes, peeling paint, and rusty house numbers, you need to give it some serious TLC. First things first – clear the clutter. Rake those leaves, and put those shoes out of sight. Replace the house numbers with new ones, and give your front door a fresh coat of paint. This is an easy, quick and affordable job that can work wonders at boosting curb appeal.

Clean Your Windows and Shutters

If your windows have caked-on dirt and splatter marks, and your shutters are hanging off the hinges or simply worn down, consider focusing on this area to improve the look of your exterior. Get out the pressure washer and polish off the glass, and make any necessary repairs to your shutters.

Weed Your Lawn

Nothing is more off-putting than approaching a home with overgrown weeds in the front yard. This may take some elbow grease, but plucking all those weeds is important to clearing the area and creating a much more visually appealing and welcoming front yard.

Update Your Mailbox

A much more updated, upscale mailbox can really make your home stand out, in a good way. If you want to give your old mailbox a facelift, a good old paint job should do the trick. But you can get yourself a more modern die cast aluminum model for as little as $100.

Fix Your Screen Doors and Windows

Every home should be equipped with screens on their doors and windows in order to let some fresh air indoors and let the stale air out. But it’s not exactly a good idea to leave doors and windows open without any screens to protect the interior from being infested with insects and bugs. Not only that, but it’s dangerous, especially if there are little children or pets in the house who can escape without parents knowing.

But if these components are stretched out, torn or have damaged frames, they can make your home look tired. If that’s the case, have them repaired or replaced with the help of the pros at Doctor Screen!