May 27, 2021

The Doctors Can Replace and Repair Your Casement Window Cranks

There are many benefits to using casement windows, but nothing is worse than when the crank breaks or becomes worn. Here at Doctor Screen, we can repair and even replace your casement window cranks! This way, your windows can function properly again, and you can enjoy the fresh air without the hassle!

We Do More Than Screens!

At Doctor Screen, we provide mobile screen repair and installation services…but that’s not all we do. Screen doors and windows may be our specialty, but we also have other installation and repair services! Replacing your casement window cranks that have become stripped and broken is one of the many services we proudly offer as we always try and cater to you and your home needs. Check out last month’s blog for some of our other services that involve ODL and Home Depot products!

Casement Window Cranks

So, your casement window crank has stopped functioning the way it should, and you want a smooth, effortless crank that will open and close your windows with ease? No problem, the Doctors have got you covered! With distributors all over Canada, we can replace your casement window cranks quickly and with no hassle! The Doctors supply a wide variety of the most popular window cranks that are sure to match and fit your casement windows. Call us today for a free estimate!

And if you’re just looking for a small crank repair, we can do that too! Not all cranks need a replacement – the Doctors can simply repair your existing cranks when damage is minimal. We are your #1 window and door experts!

Dont Over Crank!

Most people are not familiar with the proper method of using the common casement window crank. The crank is meant to gradually open or close the window as much or little as the resident wishes. If you over-crank the operator, it can become stripped and worn, resulting in a broken or dysfunctional crank. When you want to close the window, crank only until the window meets the latch and then use the latch handle to secure it closed. We highly advise that you don’t over-crank if you want to prolong the life of your operator.

Doctor Screen is COVID Essential

Doctor Screen is a COVID essential service as we follow health protocols to keep you safe. Our trained staff wear clean masks the entire time they are inside your home and stay over 6 feet away from you and your family. We sanitize our hands and surfaces before and after installations and repairs. We assure you that our sanitary measures are highly effective in preventing infection. You can put your trust in us!

Call the Doctors Today!

Call the experts at Doctor Screen today to get your casement window cranks replaced or repaired. We’ll have your windows functioning and ready to go in no time!

And don’t forget, Doctor Screen will also provide you with mobile screen installation and repairs through our customized screening trailers. Need a screen on your casement window? We can install one while replacing your cranks! With our mobile service, we can customize hard-to-fit screens on-site. All your screens are guaranteed to be secured nicely. Don’t hesitate, call today!