June 16, 2017

Stay Cool and Save Money this Summer!

stay cool and save money

Air conditioners are among one of the biggest utility bill a home owner must pay. With summer weather quickly approaching, you may be quick to turn on the air conditioning. However, there are more cost-efficient options to stay cool this summer.

Make Sure to Have Your Door and Windows Equipped with Screens

Doctor screen provides window and door screens custom fit for your home & on-site professional services. From door and window screen repairs to door and window screen replacements, Doctor Screen does it all.

Before you decide to crack open the windows and doors there are a couple things you should consider:

What are the conditions of your screens? – Inspect the conditions of you screens. It is important to ensure that they are nice and clean to filter the air. Dirt and pollen can build up on your screens if they’re not regularly cleaned and maintained.

Do your screens require replacement? – The screens in your home can eventually get worn out or damaged. Doctor Screen provides on-site screen replacement services. We will measure, manufacture and install your screens at your location. Don’t let damaged or worn out screen keep you from opening the windows.

Making your home more energy-efficient will not only keep you cool, but will also reduce your hydro bill. Before you turn to your thermostat turn to Doctor Screen. Stay comfortable this summer without worrying about increasing your energy bill.

Let in some cool, fresh air this summer. Call Doctor Screen today!