June 14, 2018

Should I Replace My Screens?

Window screens are an old invention that many of us take for granted. It’s easy to forget about something that is so incredibly effective, without us even knowing. With summer quickly approaching, now is most certainly the time to start replacing or repairing your window screens.

However, we find that many of our customers put off repairing or replacing their window screens, because it’s just a screen, right? Screens actually do more for us than most of us probably realize. They protect us from insects that spread disease, they provide insulation from the heat and cold, and they can protect our windows from any destructive weather.

When should I Replace My Window Screens?

If your window screen is torn, bent, and broken, it’s time to invest in and replace your window screens. At Doctor Screen, we have solar screens, pet screens, retractable screens, and much more. We offer custom window screen options that can truly fit your needs.

What Affects the Longevity of Our Screens?


Not all window screens are created the same. The structure of your screens will affect their longevity and their effectiveness.


The materials that your window screen is made from will affect its longevity. If your screen was built from high-quality materials, as assumed, it will probably last longer.


The longevity of your screen will be affected by its frame. Most window screen frames are made from steel or aluminum. If your screen gets quite a bit of use you may want to maximize its longevity with steel frames.


If your screen is removed and reinstalled frequently, it’s longevity will definitely be affected. We would suggest that you invest in retractable screens. They lock into place when in use, and retract out of the way, when you no longer need them.


The weather can play a key role in the longevity of your window screens. Sun, hail, and other severe weather, can all play key roles in how many years you will get out of your screens.

Do You Need New Window Screens?

if you are ready to replace your window screens, be sure to contact us! We offer custom screen solutions that can provide you with window screens and window screening material that you can rely on and can do so much more than just keep the bugs out.