August 27, 2021

Retractable Screens: What Are They and Why Are They So Ideal?

What are Retractable Screen Doors?


Retractable Screens, well, they retract! More specifically, they are screens that roll up into a protective case making them virtually invisible when not in use. When retracted down, you can leave your entire door and windows open, feeling the breeze without the debris! They are also great for surrounding solariums and porches to keep mosquitos and bugs out at night. Then, during the day, you can retract them to see the beautiful view! Retractable screens are only there when you need them – how convenient!


The Benefits


Retractable screens are the perfect screening solution for homeowners. Let’s check out the five reasons why!


Premium Ventilation


Since retractable screens can take up the entire space they’re occupying, they allow for the best ventilation possible. They are most popularly used on doors, spanning entire doorways to allow premium ventilation throughout your home. Just imagine how fantastic the breeze and air ventilation would be if every door and window were open in your home? It’ll feel like you own a summer home by the beach!


Virtually Invisible


Like we mentioned above, retractable screens roll up and out of sight, making them virtually invisible when not in use. There’s no need for a second screen door that just hides your front door. Instead, allow your beautiful front door to shine by retracting your screen away! These screens are also great for your windows because when you close your windows, you can retract the screen and see outside with no obstructions – now that’s ideal!




When not in use, retractable screens can be tucked away to prevent damage. The fabric is then protected from UV rays, dirt, and harmful weather conditions, like snow, hail, rain, and wind. This allows them to outlast other screens, so you get the most out of your screens!


Easy to Retract


Don’t worry – retractable screens don’t take much to retract. Since they are motorized, it just takes one click, and your screens are out of sight! These screens are quite literally the most convenient and efficient screens you will ever own. Trust us – once you invest in retractable screens, you’ll never go back!


Doctor Screen’s Quality Installations


At Doctor Screen, we come to your home to install your retractable screen door right on site with our mobile screen services! We can assure quality installations that last, leaving you with screens that are secure and durable. Before and after all installations and repairs, we sanitize our hands and all the surfaces we contact. We ensure that our sanitary measures are highly effective in preventing infection. Your safety is our number one priority!


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