January 11, 2018

Regina Door & Window Screen Repair

Regina Screen RepairDoctor Screen Regina provides on-site service for window screen repairs, sliding door screen repairs, screen door repairs, solar screen repairs, patio shade repairs and many other types of screen repairs.

Doctor Screen Regina services the following areas: Pilot Butte, Emerald Park, Lumesden and the Moose Jaw region.

What We Do

Doctor Screen will come to your home or business to provide mobile screen repairs through our customized screening trailers. We will measure, manufacture and install your screens at your location. This saves time, and most screens can be made in one trip. Our distributors are highly trained and experienced, to ensure a correct and timely installation of your new windows and door screens.

We provide screen replacement and repair services for both residential homes and commercial businesses. If your window or door screens are damaged or torn, our team of expert screen replacement professionals can help.

We Do More Than Just Screens

In addition to providing window & door screen repairs and replacement services in Regina, we offer many other solutions. This includes weather stripping, storm doors, replacement parts and hardware for doors and windows, retractable screens, enclosures, window weathering products, and more.

Give The Doctor A Call

Doctor Screen has the right tools and products that are perfect for your home. We specialize in the manufacturing and installation of high quality window and door screens, for homes in Regina and surrounding cities.

If your windows or doors are in need of screen repairs or replacement services, don’t hesitate to contact your local Doctor Screen distributor today! We are your screen experts!

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