October 8, 2020

Recently Got Your Screen Replaced? Here’s How to Reuse Your Old Screen Before Trashing It!

Are your window or door screens bent or torn past repair? Have you already called Doctor Screen and gotten your screens replaced but don’t know what do you do with the old, broken ones that are taking up space? Well, luckily, there are many different ways to reuse these screens and save you money in the process!

Below you can find the five unique ways to repurpose your old screens and make them feel useful again!

Strain Old Paint and Sift Powdered Grout

Old screens are great for straining and sifting. Need to use old paint found in the garage for a touch-up project? Pour the old paint through a small piece of your old screen to strain out dry pieces, old bristles, or dust, leaving your old paint new and smooth. You can also use screens for powdered grout or building materials to remove any clumps. For either type of use, you can drape the piece over the bucket and keep it in place with either rubber bands or tape, then pour the product through!

Keep Drains Clear

Hair in the drains is probably one of the most common yet annoying household issues. Yes, you can purchase drain gates, but even those don’t catch thin strands of hair easily. You can either lay a strip of your screen under the drain gates or crumple a piece into a ball, placing it at the opening of your sink or bath drains. Water can then pass through, but hair and other debris cannot. Screens are great for this use as they have small openings – nothing will be going down your drains anymore, and you can say goodbye to Drano!

Gives Sponges Scrubbing Power

Find yourself scrubbing dirty pans for forever and still not getting all the grime off? Try covering your sponge with a folded piece of screen and secure with a rubber band or string. It will be tough enough to get stubborn dirt off dishes but gentle enough to remove paint and clay off hands. Just be aware of broken strands sticking out as those can scratch surfaces. You can easily replace these pieces with a new one as there will be plenty of material to use from the larger screens – don’t let any go to waste! 

Protect New Grass

Regrowing grass is a difficult task as birds and critters love to eat the seeds, leaving you with a patchy lawn. Your old screen can solve this problem! Cover the seeded area with a large section of the screen and tack it into place with some long nails. Once you see new blades of grass starting to grow, you can remove the screen. Your lawn will be looking lush and healthy. You can thank us later!

Shield Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is a daunting task that, unfortunately, has to get done at least once or twice a year for proper drainage. If water doesn’t drain correctly, it can cause a lot of damage. Gutter guards are perfect for blocking out leaves and other outdoor debris, but they can get pricey. Instead, use strips from your old screen to cover your drains. They will work just as well, but at little to no cost. Repurposing old items can be fantastic for your wallet!

Contact Doctor Screen

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