July 4, 2017

Pool Enclosure- Your Summertime Solution

pool enclosure

Owning your own pool allows you a lot of freedom, but maintaining your pool can be a lot of work. You can try and keep debris out with a simply pool cover, but dirt and leaves still get in as the wind can blow your cover off. Investing in a high-quality pool enclosure will not only keep debris out of your pool, but it allows you to extend your season or swim year-round.
Here are a few benefits to a pool enclosure:

Living Space Year-Round

As mentioned above, pool enclosures create an outdoor living space all year round. Don’t let your pool become a pointless waste of outdoor space. Install a pool enclosure so you can enjoy your backyard regardless of the weather or season.

Saves money

A pool enclosure will save you money because it allows you to cut down on the amount of chemicals you need to keep your pool clean. By installing a pool enclosure, you will keep all the debris out of your pool, which means less money spent on pool chemical and more money in your pockets. Pool chemicals can be a big expense for pool owners, but if you install a pool enclosure, you can reduce that expense.

Addition to your home

Pool enclosures make for a great addition to your home. You can customize your enclosure so it blends in with your backyard. It can create a sense of luxury to your new outdoor space. This new space makes your backyard more cohesive and unique.

Better option than pool covers

Pool enclosures are a great one-time investment that pays off in the long run. Pool covers are a hassle to take off and put back on frequently. Pool covers may be required to be replaced often due to tears or damage due to harsh weather conditions. Pool enclosures are durable, rust proof, and a long-lasting solution for pool owners.

Low maintenance

There are so many advantages to installing a pool enclosure for your home. Each enclosure is custom designed to complement your home. Your pool enclosure will require very minimal maintenance over the years. You will be able to enjoy your pool and eliminate the hard work that comes with owning a pool.

If you’re looking for the ideal summertime solution for your pool then consider installing a pool enclosure. Don’t let the hard work of owning a pool keep you from enjoying your pool. Call Doctor Screen today and get your custom pool enclosure installed! 1 (844) 723-7888