February 18, 2016

Outfitting Your Rental Property With Screens is a Must


When it comes to renting out commercial or residential units to tenants, a certain level of standards needs to be upheld. Tenants deserve to dwell in a unit that is sanitary, functional, and safe. And a number of factors are involved in ensuring that all of these components are incorporated into the rental units.

Screens in Doors and Windows

Among these items are screens on windows and doors. Windows, in particular, should be outfitted with high-quality screens that are functioning properly and are in good shape. There are many reasons why screens should be featured in window openings.

For starters, renters should be able to open their windows in order to allow fresh air in from time to time. But when doing so, they should not have to be subject to insects and rodents gaining access to their units and infesting them. In addition, screens – particularly those that come with latches and locks, can allow tenants to open their windows to get some fresh air while still remaining safe and protected from any ill-intentioned intruder from invading the space.

And of course, units that are located higher than the first level would require screens to provide safety for those within the units from falling out, namely small children. It’s necessary to be able to have the option to open the windows without exposing those within the unit from potential hazards associated with a large opening to the outdoors.

Having windows outfitted with screens will allow tenants to be able to freely open their windows without having to worry about their children or any others falling out by accident.

Responsibility of Landlords and Property Managers

As landlords and property managers, a certain level of care and diligence is required to ensure that paying tenants are both safe and happy in their dwellings. Having doors and windows outfitted with state-of-the-art screens from a reputable supplier and installer like Doctor Screen is essential.

There are all sorts of maintenance standards that are warranted when it comes to rental units. The last thing that anyone would want is to be held liable for not offering suitable premises for any tenant to contend with.

* Disclaimer – However, it should be noted that screens – no matter how durable or well-installed – are never 100% secure against accidents. While new screens provide added resistance to children pushing through them, they won’t necessarily stop a determined effort or fall against a screen.

There are window opening limiting devices that can be installed in apartment buildings to prevent accidents.

At Doctor Screen, we can install these, as well as all other variations of window and door screens.

The “Doctor” makes house calls, so don’t delay to get in touch with Doctor Screen today to have your investment property equipped with high-caliber screens today! Visit DoctorDcreen.com today for more information on our innovative products and services!