December 8, 2016

Making Sure Your Window Screens Are Working All Winter Long

As the winter season quickly approaches and you’re spending much of your free time cleaning up the fall leaves and preparing your home for the frigid cold weather, there’s still one more task that goes unnoticed: prepping your window and door screens for the winter.

Screens are often frequently overlooked components of homes, especially as the temperatures start to dip. However, it’s critical to maintain your screens and adequately prepare them for the chilling winter so they continue to remain functional throughout these next few months.

Removing the Screens

The first thing you should do to properly maintain and prep your screens is to remove them. You could choose to keep them off the windows completely during the winter and store them, or give them a thorough cleaning and take the opportunity to clean the glass behind them.

Inspecting your Screens for Signs of Damage

The majority of screens today are made with a high-quality fiberglass mesh that can be easily repaired if the damage isn’t too bad. If the damage cannot be fixed, having the entire mesh replaced is likely solution – instead of purchasing an entire new screen.

At Doctor Screen, we offer a convenient mobile screening service that provides on-site repairs and replacements of window and door screens for your home. By the time spring comes around, you won’t have to worry about the state of your screens when you really need them for the warmer weather.

Doctor Screen – Your Number One Source for Window Screens Repairs and Replacements

Whether your current screens require in-depth repair or a complete replacement, Doctor Screen has the equipment, tools, and the expertise to ensure the entire process is a smooth.

Here is a review from one of our many happy customers:
“Moved into a beautiful new house with no screens! Dr. Screen saved us with an accurate quote and speedy custom building and mounting of 14 new screens for our house. We’re very grateful for the professional job that was very reasonably price and speedy. Thanks!” ~ Gillian, Leaside – Toronto On.

Doctor Screen can also help with installing brand new screens on your windows. Getting your home ready for the spring might seem like a task that’s far too early on the calendar, but you will make your life a lot easier if you take a proactive approach to home maintenance and keep your screens in good shape all winter along.

Once that first wave of warm spring weather hits, all you will need to do is open your windows and enjoy the fresh air!

Call your local Doctor Screen Distributor today for all of your window and door screens today!