Are you located in Whitby Ontario? Is your home currently lacking door screens and/or window screens? Or maybe you do have screens installed, but they are currently in need of some serious repair, to the point that their condition is likely compromising your enjoyment of some fresh air…

Whether you require new installations of window screens or door screens – or simply need a repair, you’ll need some assistance. However, where you go for help can make all the difference in the quality and durability of your screens.

Relying on your hardware store to find the right size screen for your windows and doors often doesn’t end up a success. That’s because these stores typically only carry standard sizes, which simply won’t work if you have custom door/window sizes or shapes.

Doctor Screen – Your Only Source For Window and Door Screens Repairs and Installations in Whitby

The best solution to all of your window and door screens repair and installation issues is Doctor Screen.

We are highly trained and have plenty of experience helping homeowners in Whitby install new screens and/or repair existing window and door screens.

Who Needs The Doctor?

  • They’re unsure how to repair broken screens
  • They don’t know who to take their damaged screens to
  • No local window and screen door shops
  • They can’t physically get their screens to a repair shop
  • They have children and pets who often damage their screens
  • They’re concerned about the hazards of allowing insects and debris in
  • They simply have no time to deal with their screens on their own

Mobile Window and Door Screens Services in Whitby

Not only are our services of the highest quality, they are also incredibly convenient. We bring our mobile trailers right to your door so you don’t have to drag your screens to the hardware store. We make all the necessary repairs, customizations, and fittings to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The Doctor is Making House Calls!

The convenience of a ‘house call’ simply cannot be underestimated. Give Doctor Screen Whitby a call today to have your home serviced with the highest quality window and doors screens!

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