Your only source for top-notch window and door screen repairs and installations in Welland is Doctor Screen.

When it comes to this type of specialty, you want a team with experience and expertise in the industry, and that’s precisely what Doctor Screen offers homeowners, property investors, and business owners.

Local Home Improvement Stores Just Don’t Cut it

Have you ever taken your screen door or window to the local home improvement store to have it repaired? Have you ever visited these shops to find a proper-fitting screen for your home’s openings? While some have had success, most others haven’t. That’s because these stores don’t have the expertise that Doctor Screen has. They also don’t carry anything other than standard-sized screens, which means they likely won’t fit openings that are odd shapes and sizes.

This can prove to be a frustrating experience, which is where Doctor Screen comes into the picture. We service homeowners and business owners in the Welland area to alleviate this annoying situation.

At Doctor Screen, we bring our services directly to you! Our convenient and effective mobile service physically brings the materials and services right to your front door!

Mobile Screen Installation and Repairs in Welland

Have you ever called a doctor to come to your home when you or a family member have ever been ill? Well, that’s exactly what we do: we bring our “doctors” right to you so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. There’s no need to drag your screen anywhere any longer.

Instead, we will come to your home or office and do the repairs right on site. We will also bring all the tools and equipment necessary to custom-fit brand new screens to fit all of your doors and windows.

Screens are an integral part of any home or commercial building. They allow fresh air to come indoors while preventing any pesky bugs and any other unwanted guests from creeping in. But not all screen services are created equal. At Doctor Screen, you’ll get the best screen service in Welland!

Who Needs The Doctor?

  • They’re unsure how to repair broken screens
  • They don’t know who to take their damaged screens to
  • No local window and screen door shops
  • They can’t physically get their screens to a repair shop
  • They have children and pets who often damage their screens
  • They’re concerned about the hazards of allowing insects and debris in
  • They simply have no time to deal with their screens on their own

The Doctor is IN! We take house calls!

Let Doctor Screen help bring your home or investment property’s screen windows and doors back to lustrous condition!

Book The Doctor

On Site Professional,

Mobile Screen Service.