Doctor Screen Regina provides on site service for window screen repairs, sliding door screen repairs, screen door repairs, solar screen repairs, patio shade repairs and many other types of screen repairs.

Doctor Screen Regina provides on site service for Screen repair in Pilot Butte, for screen repair in Emerald Park, for screen repair in Lumesden and for screen repair in the Moose Jaw region.

Doctor Screen will come to your home or business to provide mobile screen repair. This is done through our customized screening trailers. We will measure, manufacture and install your screens at your location. This saves time, and most screens can be made in one trip.

There is no such thing as a standard size in the screening world. Almost all screens are custom sized and need to be installed correctly for best performance. With our mobile service, we can customize hard to fit screens on site. All of your screens are guaranteed to fit. Screens can be made to accurately fit your window, door and porch applications. We can do screens that do not disturb your view as well as screens that offer privacy in your home or on your patio. From a job as simple as a window or door re-screen to something as big as a new screen porch or screened enclosure.

We can repair or replace all screens. We are your screen experts. On-Site, Professional, Mobile Screen Service.

Who Needs The Doctor?

  • They’re unsure how to repair broken screens
  • They don’t know who to take their damaged screens to
  • No local window and screen door shops
  • They can’t physically get their screens to a repair shop
  • They have children and pets who often damage their screens
  • They’re concerned about the hazards of allowing insects and debris in
  • They simply have no time to deal with their screens on their own

On Site Professional,

Mobile Screen Service.

Zachary Cox (Re-opening March 15th)

Zachary Cox (Re-opening March 15th)