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When it comes to top notch door and window screen services in Mississauga, Doctor Screen is your number one source. Anything and everything to do with the repair and installation of screen doors and windows is our specialty!

Our experience is lengthy, as we have serviced countless homeowners, landlords and property managers with all levels of window and door screen installation and repairs in Mississauga that are tough to compare to.

Your Alternative to the Home Improvement Store

When you go to the home improvement store for your screen window and door needs, you most likely will not find the perfect size for the opening in your home. If your opening is a little off from the standard size and shape, you will have a tough time finding a screen that fits well.

Not only that, the service you will get from a hardware store when it comes to repairing your screens will likely not be up to par with what you would get from the experts at Doctor Screen.

Forget about taking your screens out and dragging them to the shop for repair – Doctor Screen will do that for you, and we’ll come right to your door!

Who Needs The Doctor

  • They’re unsure how to repair broken screens
  • They don’t know who to take their damaged screens to
  • No local window and screen door shops
  • They can’t physically get their screens to a repair shop
  • They have children and pets who often damage their screens
  • They’re concerned about the hazards of allowing insects and debris in
  • They simply have no time to deal with their screens on their own

Burlington, Mississauga Mobile Screen Services: The Ultimate in Convenience

Everyone knows that many doctors make house calls to patients who are too ill or weak to leave their homes. Well, we at Doctor Screen decided to bring that level of convenience and service to our valued clients by doing the same!

Thanks to our innovative screening trailers, we can bring everything needed right to your home or investment property. There’s no longer any need to make the trip to the home improvement store – we bring it right to you!

This not only saves you a lot of time, it also saves you a lot of hassle too!

The Doctor is IN! And we take house calls!

Doctor Screen is the perfect source to bring your Mississauga home or investment property’s screen windows and doors back to optimal condition.

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Always the Perfect Fit

The last thing you want is to buy yourself a screen from a big box store, only to come home and realize that it doesn’t fit properly. In this case, you’ll have to lug the screen back to return it, and end up right back in square one looking for a screen for your home.

At Doctor Screen, we ensure the perfect fit every time. We meticulously measure our screens in our screening trailers to make sure they fit like a glove.

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