Doctor Screen is proud to offer a wide range of window screens and screen door products in the Kelowna area. We provide on-site window screen repair and replacement services, new sliding screen doors, sliding screen door repairs, as well as specialized screening services, such as specialty mesh and pet screen doors. We are also an authorized Mirage Retractable Screens dealer that offers the complete Mirage product line, including retractable screens for doors, windows and large openings.

What makes Doctor Screen special is that we can complete screening jobs through our fully mobile screening trailers, where we measure, manufacture and install the screens right at your location. Our services are time-efficient, since most screens can be made in just one trip to your home or business!

Doctor Screen is working to become the Nation’s #1 mobile screening service. Serving the entire country, our ‘Doctors’ will offer the best quality screening products and services to your door with our mobile clinics housed in our specialized trailers.

If you are looking to have new screens or your existing screens replaced or repaired, or are interested in having a Mirage retractable screen installed, call Doctor Screen Kelowna today at 250-258-9677 or email them.

Why Do They Need the Doctor?

  • They’re unsure how to repair broken screens
  • They don’t know who to take their damaged screens to
  • There are no local window and screen door shops
  • They can’t physically get their screens to a repair shop
  • They have children and pets who often damage their screens
  • They’re concerned about the hazards of allowing insects and debris in
  • They simply have no time to deal with their screens on their own

Contact the Doctor Today!

There is no such thing as a standard size in the screening world. Almost all screens are custom sized and need to be installed correctly for best performance. With our mobile service, we can customize hard-to-fit screens on-site.

Let us do it right the first time. Give your Doctor Screen Kelowna distributor a call for all window and door screens repair and installation services. We look forward to helping you outfit your home with the highest quality door screens and window screens in the industry.

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