January 25, 2019

How to Pet-Proof Your Screen Door

If you’re a pet owner, then you know that protecting your screen doors can be hard. All it takes is for your cat or dog to see someone at the door, get excited and scratch it by mistake, ultimately leaving holes in your screen. Screen repairs due to aggressive or excited pets is one of the most common scenarios we deal with. With that being said, we have a few solutions for you!

Pet Doors

Include a pet door in your screen. It won’t make a drastic change to the look of the door and it will provide your pets with the freedom to leave and enter the house as they please. If you install a pet door in your screen, you will avoid worrying about your pet trying to push or scratch the screen open.

If you were already considering getting a pet door, then go with this option instead. Installing a pet screen door is actually easier and cheaper than doing it on a regular door. Doctor Screen experts will start by cutting a hole in the screen, add a frame, and then tightly attach the swinging door. Pet owners are incredibly satisfied when they install this door!

Vinyl Screen Door

Another option is for you to include vinyl screen doors. These are a very durable option and majority of the time, will work well against your pets. There’s less of a chance you will have to replace your vinyl screen doors if your pet scratches them.

Call the Professionals

The professionals at Doctor Screen will help you protect your screen doors from your furry friends! Stop getting them replaced and look for more cost-effective solutions to your problem. Call us so we can assist you and install the perfect screen for you and your pet!