July 30, 2021

Doctor Screen is Looking for New “Doctors”

We’re Expanding!

Doctor Screen is Expanding! We are looking for new “doctors,” a.k.a. new distributors to run our mobile screen services across Canada in small and large cities. If you’re tired of your 9-5 job, want to work flexible hours, and are a natural entrepreneur deep down, then we want to hear from you! Territory salary starts at $29,995, going up to $59,995 for bigger cities – all with financing packages available to qualified applicants.

This is the perfect opportunity for anyone and everyone!

If you believe you have what it takes, click the link at the bottom of this page to apply today to be the next “Doctor” in your city!

Who We Are

Doctor Screen provides mobile screen repair and installation services! We offer many solutions for all screening needs – Pet Resistant Screens, Patio Screens, Sliding Screen Doors, and many other items. We install screens that do not disturb the view, offering bug-free environments for our client’s homes or patios. From a job as simple as a window or door re-screen to something as big as a new screen porch or screened enclosure, we’ve got our clients covered! We repair or replace all screens in our clients’ homes. We are screen experts, and we cannot wait for you to become one too!

What Our Distributors Do

As a distributor, you will go to homes or businesses with one of our customized screening trailers to measure, manufacture and install screens at the client’s location – this saves them time and any hassle. Most screens are installed or repaired in one trip, so you won’t have to worry about making multiple trips to one location in a day.

Distributors are expected to travel to many different facilities in a day or week, including homes or cottages, condominiums, schools, small apartment buildings, nursing homes, small office buildings, daycare facilities, and anywhere else that needs our screen expertise!

Clients will need our help and services for the following reasons:

  • They don’t know where to take broken or damaged screens and doors
  • They don’t have a corner Hardware Store nearby
  • They don’t have a vehicle to take their screen to get repaired
  • They don’t have the time and never get around to it
  • They have pets and children to look after
  • They are concerned with insects or mosquitos with West Nile entering their homes and need an emergency repair

You will help those who need your screen expertise the most! Becoming a “Doctor” is a rewarding experience. We cannot wait for you to join our team!

Doctor Screen is Expanding Throughout Canada

Doctor Screen continues to grow and expand throughout Canada. We are working to serve the entire country, becoming the Nation’s #1 mobile screening service! All of our “Doctors” offer the best in quality screening products and services, coming right to the client’s door with our mobile trailers. Due to this nationwide growth, we are looking for several distributors to join our team! Check out our distributor locations across Canada by clicking here to discover which city is closest to you!

Distributor Trailer Available in Vancouver, BC

Live near Vancouver, British Columbia, and looking to become a “Doctor?” Due to a family illness, we need a distributor in Vancouver, BC, to take over our territory on the west coast. We are always looking for distributors nationwide but would like to fill this spot as soon as possible. If you or anyone you know is interested, please apply today!

Doctor Screen’s COVID Protocols

Doctor Screen is a COVID essential service that follows health protocols to keep our staff and clients safe. As a trained staff member, you will be required to wear clean masks the entire time you are inside a client’s home and must stand over 6 feet away from everyone. You will have to sanitize your hands and all surfaces before and after installations and repairs. Our sanitary measures are highly effective in preventing infection, so our staff feels safe on the job. You and our clients are our top priority!

Apply to Be a Doctor Today!

Are you or anyone you know interested in this incredible opportunity? We encourage you to apply to be our next “Doctor” today!

To apply, click here or use this link: http://doctorscreedev.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Application-Questionnaire.pdf

For more information on our distributor positions, contact Doctor Screen’s President, Greg Woolvett.

Greg Woolvett




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