January 23, 2023

Doctor Screen for Properties Large and Small


While you can certainly depend on us to be your reliable neighbourhood screen experts, our experienced and accredited Doctor Screen professionals also specialize in delivering quality service to larger properties including condominiums, apartment complexes, and more!


Bringing Convenience to Property Managers


Our tried and true system of providing on-site, custom screen repair services makes it incredibly convenient for our clients. For larger complexes like condos and apartments, our ability to customize each screen on the spot allows for a smooth and seamless process for these multi-level buildings.


We take accurate screen measurements and replace screens for residents—who may have windows and doors of different sizes—without multiple trips to hardware stores. That means less time and money wasted, smoother and faster installations, and happier clients and customers.


How Doctor Screen Services Larger Properties


With our convenient guaranteed-to-fit screen repair services, facilities of all sizes have benefited from Doctor Screen’s effortless installation process. These facilities include small office buildings, schools, day cares, nursing homes, apartment building owners, and more! Providing premium quality service is vital and to be able to scale our service to larger facilities while maintaining the highest quality standards is at the heart of our values.


Meeting One-Of-A-Kind Needs


Our Doctor Screen team can provide repair and replace solutions for all your screening needs. We offer screens that can create privacy as well as open up the space. We provide solar screens, sliding screen doors, patio shades, and more. For larger facilities with variable sizes, we have the ability to design and install no matter what the dimensions.


If you’re looking for mobile screen installation and repair services for your business or property then get in touch with us today! We guarantee that your new screens will fit perfectly!


Call us at 1 (844)-723-7888 and we’ll send a Doctor your way!