March 16, 2018

Choosing the Right Window Screens for Your Home

window-screens Screens inserted in doors, windows, and patio enclosures are incredibly convenient and are essential at keeping insects out while trying to enjoy the outdoors. While we’re still in winter, there’s no better time to start making plans to get ready for warmer temperatures. They’re right around the corner!

How to Choose the Right Screen

Not all screens are the same. A homeowner needs to determine what they are looking for in a window screen. Some people simply want decoration while others desire usability. If you’re a homeowner who plans to let in fresh air, an adjustable screen might be the best option. If you have pets then a tough screen material might be needed. You need to consider the function of your windows so you can pick the best screen option for your windows.

Types of Screens

Most homeowners are not aware that window screens come in several different varieties. Standard screens are found on most homes and are made of aluminum, copper, or some other lightweight metal. These types of screens are easy to install and often cost less.

Let’s take a look at the other window screen options:

Pet Screens

As mentioned above, if you have a pet, then a pet screen will fit your needs. They’re built of sturdy vinyl-coated polyester, ensuring that the pet doesn’t damage the screen.


Fiberglass screens are sold in several varieties and are flexible and lightweight, and are often used in mobile homes because they’re inexpensive.

Adjustable window screens

Adjustable window screens are built for various size windows and adjust vertically or sideways. They are perfect for double-paned windows. Most times these screens rise from the bottom, but the upper screen remains stationary.

Specialty Screens

While standard screens are quite popular, you also have the option to go with specialty screens. The advantages to these models are vast, and include the following:

  • Garage Screens
  • Aluminum Screen Mesh
  • Pet Doors Underdecking
  • Fiberglass Screen Mesh

Whichever type of window screen you choose, be sure to call your local Doctor Screen distributor to have your screens fitted and installed in your home before the spring season rolls around!