February 2, 2018

Casement Window Operators

window crankMost people are not familiar with the proper method of using the common casement window crank. The crank is meant to gradually open or close the window as much or as little as the resident wishes. If you over crank the operator it can become stripped and won’t work properly.
Here is what you need to know about casement windows.

What is a Casement Window?

A casement window is a window that attaches to its frame by hinges installed on the side. This allows the windows to be opened without having to raise or slide anything. The key to this design are the hinges that are found along the left and the right of the window frame. Casement windows are simple to use and that’s why they work so well with many different home designs.

Don’t’ over Crank

Not all casement windows are designed the same. There are a few designs that include a push button that operates the crank. Instead of having to turn the crank yourself, all it takes is pressing the button.

Push casement windows do require you to manually push the window into the position that you want. This is one of the traditional types of casement windows. As long as the hinges remain in good condition, it takes very little effort to push open the one or two windows that are mounted in the frame.

We supply a wide variety of the most popular window cranks. Remember, when you want to close the window, crank only until the window meets the latch and then use the latch handle to secure it closed, Don’t over crank!

Install Screens to your Casement Windows

If you plan on opening your casement windows for any extended period of time in order to let some fresh air in, consider installing screens. Unwanted debris can make its way into your home, including bugs and insects. That’s why it is important to install good quality screens on all your window and door openings to protect your home.

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