May 2, 2017

Adding Screens to Your Cottage or Lake Home

cottage screens

Summer is quickly on its way, so you’ll soon be able to enjoy endless summer nights at your vacation home with friends and family. Yet while you’re enjoying the warm breeze of the summer, you might also have to deal with insects and bugs that can quickly and easily turn your relaxing days and evenings into bothersome ones. Nobody wants to have to fight off these critters while trying to enjoy the outdoors.

Luckily, there is an effective way to ward off insects without having to bombard yourself and your family members with tons of bug spray. Instead, you can install screens around your porch, deck, or other space within your cottage to keep the bugs out while still enjoying the outdoors.

There are plenty of options when it comes to the types of screens to install, the colours, and other aesthetic elements to choose from. In addition, you can choose whether or not you want to have the ability to open and close the screens manually or use an automated feature that operates this function with the simple touch of a button. Homeowners who outfit their vacation properties with screening enjoy a more positive outdoor experience and a more usable extension of their home.

Enjoy the Outdoors with a Screened Porch

If you’re lucky enough to have a fabulous view of a waterfront or even of a vast forest or patch of greenery, a properly installed screening system will allow you to enjoy the view without being distracted by annoying bugs.

Easy to Use

If you choose to install a motorized screening system, all you need to do to open or close them is press a button on a remote control or even from a control pad to make it happen.

Complements Your Home

Good quality screens that are constructed with the highest quality materials can complement any type of decor of a home’s exterior. Since they are highly customizable, you can create a personalized screen that will blend in very nicely with the rest of your home’s architectural and esthetic design.

Doctor Screen – Your #1 Source For Vacation Home Screening

Make your summer home much more inviting and comfortable with the installation of screening. Such a feature will allow you to enjoy your summer days without being annoyed from bugs.

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