December 27, 2019

A Guide to Buying Storm Doors

Your front door may seem durable and look stunning, however, poor outdoor conditions can negatively impact its longevity. Protect your main entranceway by installing a storm door. Storm doors work to shield your door from poor weather conditions and provide maximum insulation.

Other benefits of a storm door include:

  • Less maintenance on your entry door
  • Extra layer of insulation helps homeowners save money on energy bills
  • Slows down or discourages potential intruders
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Allows you to enjoy fresh air without letting insects in the home

Things to know about storm doors

  • They’re available in several combinations of screen and glass panels
  • Can change the panels if you desire a new look
  • Are often sold with pre-hung door kits for easier installation
  • Typically have a sweep or flexible strip designed to keep out moisture, dirt and debris
  • Made of aluminum with foam insulation

How to Fit a Storm Door

Before going to a store or calling Doctor Screen, carefully measure the height and width of your door frame. When measuring, your guideline should be to use the space between the exterior brick mould or trim. Don’t use the measurements from the inner door jamb. Prior to installation, inspect the wood jamb, trim and door opening to ensure that it can support the weight of the storm door.

Door Frames & Glass

You can select from frame styles ranging from full-view, mid-view and high view. With full-view storm doors, you can choose from several different types of glass including, but not limited to, beveled and waterfall. You will also have the option to install blinds between the panes.

Door Colours

Storm doors are available in several colours. No matter what your household looks like, you are bound to find something that fits the theme and looks stunning! Popular colours selected include white, almond, taupe, brown, black, cranberry and more.


These screens come in different finishes such as nickel, satin nickel, brass, antique brass, aged bronze and matte black.

Types of Screens

3 options you can choose from include full-view, retractable and standard screens. Full-view comes with separate glass and screen panels that you can change at any time. Retractable screens are common due to the fact that they can hide in the top of the door when you don’t want them to show. Standard screens are fixed, but the glass panels can slide up and down.

Screens VS Glass Panels

If the sun is directly facing the glass panels, the weather-stripping may deteriorate and the heat can potentially cause your metal door to warp. This is why we suggest use screens in the early spring and glass in the late fall.

Door Closers VS Door Stops

Each door will either come with a closer or a door stop, which control how far your door will open.

A door stop consists of a chain attached to a spring to control the door. Door closers prevent doors from opening too fast or too far, and allows the door to close slowly and firmly.

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